About Us

SUPPORT SOLUTIONS was founded in 2001, with the primary goal of putting the Value back into Value Added Reseller. Based in Washington State, Support Solutions assists in dozens of industries spanning the globe. With a background in network security and availability, our team offers unparalleled expertise on new and emerging technologies that meet the needs of our client companies and organizations.

One of the primary issues that Support Solutions addresses is the complexity of managing Manufacturer Support and Subscription programs. In addition to a lack of consistency across the complex web of these licensing, support, and subscription programs many Value Added Resellers are happy to take renewal revenue from clients, but are unwilling or unable to do the work necessary to ensure renewals are done accurately.

We created Proactive Support Management- our proven methodology and a unique approach to managing these complexities- to assist our clients in controlling, managing, and reducing costs associated with managing support contracts. We work on your behalf to remove the burden of contract management, ensure contract accuracy, and reduce hard and soft costs associated with these contracts. Our clients save money by avoiding reinstatement fees, paying for the support of retired or duplicate devices, and preventing additional downtime due to contract issues.

Our Process

Developed to optimize your investment and to ensure continuity and accuracy
discovery, reporting, and management


We get a solid overview of manufacturers and equipment used in your company. We then compare your contract information against the manufacturer's database of information.


You receive a complete overview with our findings; we point out any discrepancies found and assist in resolving them. We provide ongoing, detailed reporting including budgeting information for the next eight quarters.


We strategize on how to get the most out of maintenance budgets and ensure you get what you pay for.

Find out how our proven approach can help your company with asset management!